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RugLock 10oz


Covers up to 30 ft²

RugLock is the only premium permanent solution to stop your rugs from slipping! This non-toxic, easy-to-use spray creates a non-slip rug grip that bonds to the back of your rug, providing a tack which holds rugs firmly in place on any flooring, without any damage.

RugLock is a spray-on application that does what rug pads, tape and traditional adhesives cannot do, by creating a permanent non-slip rug backing that grips to all floors in your home without damaging surfaces. With no harmful chemicals (0.0 g/mL VOCs), it can be sprayed indoors safely, even around your little ones and pets! Rugs can be easily peeled up to reposition or clean. RugLock is great for additional uses as well. Try it on stair runners, placemats, chair cushions, tablecloths, pet beds, shoe insoles and more.

PLEASE NOTE: This product 10oz size is only available for purchase through our retail partners.

DISCLAIMER: RugLock will hold rugs to any floor inside your home, but it is not approved for outdoor use. Also, as a water-based formula, it is susceptible to freezing. To make sure RugLock is ready for your next creative idea, your can should be stored inside your home in a temperature-controlled environment, such as under your kitchen sink or in your pantry. If any residue is left behind after peeling up your rug, simply clean up with a damp cloth or by hand.